Meet Your Neighbor: Art on the Plaza

Meet Art on the Plaza, located at 11 S Federal Ave!

Art on the Plaza is an artist owned art gallery located on the plaza in Downtown, Mason City (inside Bergo’s Mini-Mall).  The gallery started with 8 creative women and has grown since opening in mid November to a total of 22 artists!  


Pam Bergo Coffey, organizer for Art on the Plaza, has a strong history with Downtown and is very excited to have the new Art Gallery open.  Pam is the daughter of R. Lyle Bergo, a gentleman who has had a great impact on our Downtown.  The family legacy lives on with the Bergo’s Mini-Mall which lies in the heart of our Downtown and is now home to Art on the Plaza.

Looking to the future, Art on the Plaza plans to have education as a part of the gallery and will feature individual artists each month.  

Make sure you stop in the gallery, meet Pam and Christina Blum (gallery Director) and check out the amazing art on display!